Resilient Fontana

Opportunities for Resilient Growth in Fontana, CA and the Greater Inland Empire

A report developed for the 2021 Graduate Transportation Planning Studio at UC Berkeley

Department of City and Regional Planning

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Challenges and Solutions

The rise of the warehousing and distribution industry in Fontana and the broader region has led to considerable environmental, social, and economic impacts. The logistics industry has grown to be the region’s major industry sector; however, the logistics sector has also given rise to environmental and quality of life challenges, bringing into question the longer term environmental and economic sustainability of the industry in the Inland Empire.


The guiding research questions for our team were:

    What are the externalities of the warehousing industry and distribution centers in Fontana?

    What tactics can decision makers implement to optimize environmental and social wellbeing with ongoing economic development from the warehousing and logistics sector?

We completed an array of qualitative and quantitative analyses to address the above questions:

Literature and Policy Review

Socio-Demographic Analysis

Economic Analysis

Road Safety and Collision Analysis

Industry and Occupation Analysis

Truck Electrification Scenario Modeling

Site Visit

Air Quality Analysis


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